The Trading-Atrium by Neo & Partners Global (NPG) has positioned Singapore squarely at the centre of an electronic trading revolution. This multi-asset, broker-neutral sophisticated platform is also Asia’s first-of-its-kind – unique in its creation, development and innovation. 

TheTrading-Atrium’s innovative 360° development is created by an array of innovative features: advanced computer system hardware, an ultra-low latency network, a broker-neutral environment, and algorithmic trading. All set up in a state-of-the-art design befitting of the word “Trading-Atrium”.

The thinking behind all this is aligned with NPG’s mission: to help high-growth, medium-sized international trading enterprises run ahead of the curve (like never before); ultimately, to fulfill NPG’s vision of being the change leader to help realize Singapore as a premier international financial trading hub.

The design philosophy of the TRADING-ATRIUM is simple but powerful: the sum of the parts must be greater than the whole.

The Trading-Atrium is designed to encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange among traders and enterprises: academic trading services, liquidity pool accesses and the office layout all add up to an effective and efficient trading and business environment. 

The end result: NPG clients can operate more profitably, continually adapt better to a fast-changing environment and grow sustainably.