CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS - Leveraging network diversity for the capital markets

By SPTel
25 Jun 2020

The Trading-Atrium by Neo & Partners Global (NPG) is designed to be a technologically sophisticated financial electronic trading facility that covers all aspects of a trading ecosystem. It was created to help high-growth, medium-sized international financial firms such as Proprietary Trading Firms, Fund Management Companies, Family Offices and Commodity Trading Advisors, jump start their digital automation journey.

The Trading-Atrium’s key differentiator and unique competitive advantage lies in its powerful capability to conduct multi-asset global trading on one single broker-neutral platform. This platform can also be accessed securely either on premise at The Trading-Atrium, or off premise to facilitate working from home or team segregation measures.

To deliver a high-performance platform to their customers, an ultra-low latency network is needed to support responsiveness. For the platform to function reliably, NPG sought to partner a network provider that can provide highly resilient connectivity with inbuilt redundancy.

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