Arctos Investments selects Neo & Partners Global’s Trading-Atrium to Accelerate and Technologize its Multi-Asset Investment Firm

  1. TheTRADING-ATRIUM by Neo & Partners Global has positioned Arctos Investments distinctivelyat the centre of an electronic trading revolution.

  2. —  Neo& Partners Global enables Arctos Investments to operate more profitably,continually adapt better to a fast-changing environment and grow sustainably.

Singapore, 18 July 2014 – Neo & Partners Global, Asia’s and Singapore’s first-of-its-kind homegrown company specializing in helping high-growth, medium-sized international trading enterprises build their own independent trading enterprises and brands in Singapore, announced today that it has successfully commissioned Arctos Investments into its TRADING-ATRIUM eco-system methodology and human-centric designed facility.

Neo & Partners Global provides a unique and innovative facility coined as the TRADING-ATRIUM; an advanced and cyber security enabled technology infrastructure, multi-asset broker-neutral trading environment, low latency connectivity, automated and voice trading solutions platform. This applies across multiple asset classes to buy-sides such as Commodity Trading Advisors, Family Offices, Fund Management Companies and Proprietary Trading Firms.

Arctos Investments, set up in 2016, is a multi-asset investment firm with a highly experienced team of trading and investments professionals led by a high caliber management team. Arctos Investments will be trading global equities, commodities and managing private equity investments through the TRADING-ATRIUM; an innovative 360° approach to conducting multi-asset global trading. By operating in the TRADING-ATRIUM, Arctos Investments will be able to fine-tune and optimize each element of their trading and private equity investment cycle.

Wong Yat Foo, Director, Arctos Investments, said, “Choosing to partner with Neo & Partners Global was an easy choice after reviewing the firm’s TRADING-ATRIUM eco-system methodology, which is truly impressive. We can now accelerate our electronic and voice trading effectively, leveraging on the state-of-the-art technologies, while also conducting our private equity investment activities in a conducive human-centric designed facility.”

Eric Neo Say Wei, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer, Neo & Partners Global, added, “We are thrilled to welcome Arctos Investments to the Neo & Partners Global unique client community. In today’s trading and investment environment, the sum of the parts must be greater than the whole are of the essence.

It’s vital for a firm such as Arctos Investments to be able to handle all their multi-asset trading flow and private equity investments through one effective and efficient trading and business environment. We’re delighted to work with Arctos Investments to help them operate more profitably, continually adapt better to a fast-changing environment and grow sustainably.”

A complete business ecosystem, the TRADING-ATRIUM by Neo & Partners Global is a sophisticated, multi-asset broker neutral platform that is capable of conducting multi-asset global trading on one single broker-neutral platform.
The state-of-the art design encourages collaboration and knowledge exchange among traders and enterprises, exchanges and liquidity pool excesses as well as the office layout all add up to an effective and efficient trading and business environment.
This enables Neo & Partners Global clients to operate more profitably, continually adapting better to a fast-changing environment and growing sustainably.

About Neo & Partners Global
Neo & Partners Global was founded in 2014 and is strategically located in the heart of Singapore’s business district with access to financial markets’ excellence. Its vision is to be the change leader to realize Singapore as a premier international financial trading hub by helping high-growth, medium-sized international trading enterprises build their own independent trading enterprises and brands in Singapore.

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