Commentary: How enhanced Certificate of Service for NS can help employers

"The global business environment is facing many challenges, from digital disruptions that are changing the nature of work and the skillsets required to survive to increasing competition for a slice of the international marketplace.

As an employer looking to succeed amid this fluid environment, finding, attracting and retaining the right talent will continue to be a key challenge to success.

We face a number of difficult questions when we are hiring: do the potential hires possess the aptitude, attitude and skills we are looking for? Do they have commitment and integrity? Is hiring them financially sustainable for the business?

With this in mind, I welcome the government’s move at the beginning of this year to provide those who have completed their full-time National Service (NS) an enhanced Certificate of Service (COS) to reflect the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) gained during the two years of NS."Those who have undergone NS will share a laugh knowing that last-minute changes in a military environment are not uncommon, and this has prepared us well in the civilian working world."...By ERIC NEO SAY WEI

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