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Join over 350 delegates for the 2018 edition of Trading Singapore, the regions’ leading derivatives focused trading event.

Last year over 40% of the delegates were from buyside or proprietary trading firms with a further 30% from regional banks and brokers making it the largest gathering of derivatives market participants in Singapore. This year’s topics will include the latest thinking on everything from cryptocurrencies to clearing obligations…

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20th of September, Thursday: 15:30 Distributed ledger technology: here but not changing the world…yet

The hype around blockchain reached fever-pitch in 2016 but today real world examples of the usage of this new technology are coming on stream. While not yet changing the world, local initiatives such as the MAS interbank payment system are paving the way for larger scale projects such as those underway in bond trading at SGX and clearing at ASX.
- What real life examples of DLT are live today?
- What is coming down the line from firms in the derivatives market?
- How are firms using DLT to increase internal operational efficiencies?
- Will blockchain change the world and in what respect?

Moderator: Eric Neo, CEO & CIO, Neo & Partners Global, and Venture Partner, Golden Horse Fund Management

Ruobin Zhang, Vice President, Soochow CSSD Asset Management (Asia) Pte Ltd
Niek van Rens, Chief Innovation Officer, ABN AMRO Clearing Bank
Andrew Pal, Chief Strategy Officer (APAC), Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group
Tan Choon Leng, Partner, JurisAsia LLC

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