Trading-Atrium: Niche co-working space for traders

Singapore, 23 December 2018 – Unlike most co-working operators who seek to attract a wide spectrum of business enterprises, Trading-Atrium caters for a very niche clientele: electronic trading firms, including proprietary trading firms focused on algorithm trading, multi-asset trading and cryptocurrency. It has also expanded its reach to include fintech firms as well as big data and blockchain firms.

The office suites can be configured into trading rooms fitted with four to six trading desks. Large panelled screens are also provided if they are required. The 6,000 sq ft space can fit up to nine firms and a total of 52 trading desks. There are also 52 lockers for those who need to use them.

More details:

A complete business ecosystem, the TRADING-ATRIUM by Neo & Partners Global is a sophisticated, multi-asset broker neutral platform that is capable of conducting multi-asset global trading on one single broker-neutral platform + state-of-the-art infrastructure and business environment for Fund Management Companies, Proprietary Trading Firms, Family Offices, Commodity Trading Advisors and FinTech Firms; Big Data and Blockchain, to run ahead of the curve (like never before), continually adapt better to a fast-changing environment and grow sustainably.

The human centric design encourages collaboration and knowledge exchange among traders and enterprises, exchanges and liquidity pool excesses as well as the office layout all add up to an effective and efficient trading and FinTech business environment.

This enables Neo & Partners Global clients to operate more profitably, continually adapting better to a fast-changing environment and growing sustainably.

About Neo & Partners Global
Neo & Partners Global was founded in 2014 and is strategically located in the heart of Singapore’s business district with access to financial markets’ excellence. Its vision is to be the change leader to realize Singapore as a premier international financial trading and FinTech hub by helping high-growth, medium-sized international trading enterprises build their own independent trading enterprises and brands in Singapore.

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