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High Technology, Human Centric Design

6,000 sq ft. of office space with a total of 52 dealing desks designed to accommodate nine trading institutions with configurations of 4, 6 or 8 desks per room.


  • Ultra-low latency global data network for multi-asset class trading

  • State-of-the-art electronic trading technology infrastructure, including structured cabling supporting true 10GbE from desk to network switch

  • Cutting edge ultra-low latency network switch

  • State-of-the-art Silentium AcoustiRACK ACTIVE™ Server Rack with Active Silenced Fan Tray (ASFT™) Technology

  • Ultra-superior wireless network infrastructure


  • Specialised DAS dealing desk with heat management

  • Top tier trading workstation with latest-generation Intel®Xeon® processor technology, while supporting powerful discrete graphic solutions

  • Ultra-sharp LCD display monitors with IPS panel technology

  • Herman Miller Aeron chair with Adjustable PostureFit Support for dealing desk

  • Custom design dealing room lighting for 24 hours trading

  • Multi-Asset Algorithmic Trading Solution


  • Multimedia board room

  • IP Video and Telephony with ISDN line

  • Climate Control for Individual Dealing Room

  • Custom design dealing room lighting for 24 hours trading

  • Customized Company Signage

  • Security card access

  • Cosy breakout area for trading community interaction