Advanced Hardware & Ultra-Low Latency Networks

The Trading-Atrium’s infrastructure is powerful and fail-safe: it incorporates state-of-the-art technology, premium class servers and ultra-low latency network systems; its solid and flexible backbone gives you instant access to the major global exchanges, reliably and consistently.


Multi-Asset & Broker-Neutral Panel

You may choose to access our multi-asset expert broker panel to tap on their specific asset class expertise and knowledge, or retain your preferred broker(s). The Trading-Atrium is also a knowledge hub, as it provides you with access to relevant market insights, including trend analytics and useful research tools, from the major exchanges and brokers.

Algorithmic & Quantitative trading Applications

Our in-house proprietary algorithmic trading application is a sophisticated and innovative product that offers the advantage of low-latency trading, and the agility to seamlessly combine equities, futures and FX solutions. You can adapt quickly, and add new products to meet changing business requirements and market conditions. The Trading-Atrium’s advanced operating platform can also be customized to support the use of your own trading application, should you wish to do so.

ExchAnges & Liquidity Pools

At Neo & Partners Global, through the combination of pioneering and emerging Exchanges and Liquidity Providers, we bring you together through our vast array of strong Asia-Pacific region relationships and insights to venues of Multi-Asset trading opportunities. From the Asian Gateway of SGX, to explosive growth of China futures and Thailand markets and notwithstanding surge of Japan and Taiwan markets, including some of the FX ECNs whom offers one of the tightest spreads in the market and Prime of Prime – ‘POP’.

These are just to name a few of The Trading-Atrium’s unique ecosystem concept.

Professional Services

Neo & Partners Global will work with trusted business associates to offer an extensive menu of services should you require them, including top-notch algorithm code development and services, which can greatly enhance your trading strategies. In addition, we also offer algorithm and risk management consultancy, legal and secretariat services. In short, the day you move into The Trading-Atrium is the day you start trading. There is no lag time.

Academic Services

The Atrium offers advanced training programmes from a multi-asset trading perspective. Not only will this arm participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to trade within a multi-asset algorithmic environment, it also serves to complement our clients’ traders recruitment process. Tailored training programmes are also available to suit your needs should you wish to gain competency in specific areas, including algorithm development.