A complete business ecosystem

  • Advanced Hardware &
    Ultra-Low Latency Networks
  • Multi-Asset & Broker-Neutral panel
  • Algorithmic/Quantitative
    Trading Applications
  • Exchanges & Liquidity Pools
  • Professional Services
  • Academic Services
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The Trading-Atrium empowers you immediately

The Trading-Atrium by Neo & Partners Global (NPG) is a complete business ecosystem, a technologically sophisticated electronic trading facility that covers all aspects of a trading ecosystem. The Trading-Atrium’s key differentiator and unique competitive advantage lies in its powerful capability to conduct multi-asset global trading on one single broker-neutral platform.

You Can Be

  • A hedge fund, proprietary trading firm or commodity trading firm with low latency, high-frequency trading requirements

  • An enterprise looking to expand your trading facilities and need to develop a pool of highly competent and sophisticated traders organically

  • Looking for high-growth opportunities through algorithmic trading

Your Options

There are two ways that you can begin your partnership with us:

On Premise
The Trading-Atrium is able to accommodate up to nine trading institutions with varying configurations depending on your needs. The advantage of an
On Premise option is that you are physically located within an environment that taps into all that Neo & Partners Global offers, including the collaborative nature of our Trading-Atrium.

Off Premise
Should you choose the Off Premise option, you will still be able to tap into our infrastructure, including our advanced hardware and software, ultra-low latency networks, and broker-neutral environment. All you need is to connect with us via a leased line, either locally in Singapore, or from overseas.